The most important mission of SAMCO Trading Co. is to supply petroleum, petrochemical and polymer products along with offering the best services and prices to satisfy its customers in order to expand the business and the geographical range of its activities by using the most experienced and the most up-to-date international management and business systems.

About Us

SAMCO Trading Co. (SOURENA SAKHT MEHR ARVAND-Register No. 7382) is the one of the 5 companies subset of SAMCO HOLDING which is active in oil, gas and petrochemical products trading fields. Due to the importance and role of organizational structure on the organization’s function and factors, as a result, its impact on the level of creativity and innovation and manpower, SAMCO trading in order to achieve customers’ satisfaction, plans the flexible structure relying on the experienced personnel and their knowledge.

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SAMCO activities has focused on supplying oil, petrochemicals and polymers products.


If you need export Petrochemical, Petroleum or Polymer Products then you are in the right place, We are your powerful and loyal business partner for your needs. Trust Us


Experience Professional Business Services

We Offer!

Ethylene chloride (EDC) ,Diesel-D2, Bitumen, Base Oil, White Spirit, Hydrocarbon,  LPG, Mazut, Urea 46%, Sulphur, Methanol, Ammonium Di phosphate, PET, PVC, Polystyrene, …